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Full-Service Water Heater Technicians

When your hot water heater goes out, you need help – fast. Our expert water heater technicians are fully trained and equipped to handle any water heater problem you have. As we are a full-service water heater company, we offer installation, repair, and replacement for all major makes and models of water heaters. That includes gas, electric, and tankless water heaters.

We’re available to service home water heaters as well as business and commercial water heaters. We take servicing your water heater seriously, ensuring the job is done right. Homeowners throughout the Snellville, GA area have trusted At Your Service Water Heaters to manage their water heater problems – and we’ve always delivered.

Water Heater Installation, Repair, and Replacement Service

What are the signs your hot water heater is going out? Drastic temperature changes, like getting too hot or not hot at all are good indicators. Others are rusty water coming from the tap, rumbling noises from inside the water heater tank, and a leaking water heater. In some situations, you can troubleshoot the problems yourself. But if you have limited experience with water heaters, we recommend leaving your issues to our expert hot water heater service.

Water heater technicians are trained to deal with these common water heater problems. They’ll be able to tell if your water heater needs repair or if you’ll need a new one. As part of our residential water heater services, we offer installation, repair, and replacement of hot water heaters.

Home Water Heater Service

Do water heaters need to be serviced? Yes! Gas and electric tank-based models will last between 8-12 years. To get the full life out of your heater, you should do regular cleaning and maintenance. That means flushing out the tank at least once per year, testing your pressure relief valve, and periodically checking the temperature gauge. Flushing helps drain the sediments that build up in the tank. Testing the valve and checking the gauge ensure those components still function properly.

While you can easily perform checks and maintenance yourself at home, some water heater problems require professional solutions. If you have a water heater conundrum you just can’t solve, it’s always best to call the experts.

Hot Water Heater Service and Parts

Sometimes a water heater repair is as simple as replacing a part. Common parts that can be replaced include the gas valve, heating elements, anode rod, power vent, dip tube, the gas burner assembly, thermostats, pressure relief valve, and drain valve.

Some components are essential – like the gas valve or the electric heating elements. Others are accessory but help make your water heater run more efficiently. Water heater technicians will advise on which parts you need and they’ll replace or repair them for you.

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At Your Service Water Heaters have serviced hot water heaters all over Snellville and in the surrounding areas. We have the expertise to tackle any water heater problem you may have and we deliver on customer satisfaction with each job. Give us a call today to inquire further about our services.

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